Daytona USA (Windows 95) BIN/CUE Download

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Game Title Daytona USA
Platform Windows
Regions USA
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Daytona USA is a Racing game published by SEGA released on 1996 for Microsoft Windows.

How to play Daytona USA (Windows 95):

  1. Extract the .rar file.
  2. Mount the .cue file (needs a virtual CD drive like daemon tools installed).
  3. Go to My Computer -> BD-ROM and right click -> OPEN.
  4. Right Click SSP.EXE Go to Compatibility tab and select “Windows 95”. Click OK.
  5. Open SSP.EXE to install the game.
  6. Play with DAYTONA.EXE found where you installed the game (Create a shortcut if you want).

Note: The .cue needs to be left mounted to play.


  • Arrow keys to turn left/right
  • X: Accelerate
  • Z: Break
  • F5 to F10: Change Camera mode


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Daytona USA Windows ROM Download

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