Magic Knight Rayearth [UNDUB] (USA, Japan) Saturn ISO Download

Game Info
Game Title Magic Knight Rayearth
Original Title 魔法騎士 レイアース
Platform SEGA Saturn
Publisher ,
Regions Japan Region Free USA
Languages , ,
Game Format
Downloads 341


Magic Knight Rayearth (魔法騎士 レイアース) is a RPG game published by SEGA, Working Designs released on 1995 for the SEGA Saturn.

We are offering 3 versions of this game.

  • Official US release by Working Designs in English (both text + audio).
  • Official JP release in full Japanese.
  • An "UNDUB" Hack by Rep_Plus_^-^  with English text + Japanese audio. This version is region free (No Saturn Region Patcher needed to play on console).

UNDUB Features:

  • Japanese Audio
  • FMV from Japanese release (but no subtitles or maybe my emulator doesn't render them).
  • English text taken from USA version (A Working Designs localization).
  • Diary is in English but does not contains anymore crappy English voices
  • Skip FMV with start button
  • More saves (5) vs Japanese version (3) and compatibility with old japanese saves: press on "Empty File" load it one time and the name of the save file will be displaying correctly in English next time.



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Magic Knight Rayearth SEGA Saturn ROM Download

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