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Game Info
Game Title: Loom
Platform: ScummVM
Regions: USA


Loom is a Adventure game published by Lucasfilm Games released on 1990 for the ScummVM.

Unless you have a thing for 16 colors (and we understand that) you might want to get the ScummVM version because well VGA looks a lot better than EGA and it has voice acting.

How to play Loom (DOS/EGA) :

You need DOSBox, run it and assuming you extract the game files (not the folder, i mean all files) in: c:\dos\loom\ type these commands:

  1. mount c c:\
  2. c:
  3. cd loom
  4. loom

How to play Loom (ScummVM/VGA) :

Even easier, download and install ScummVM, click add game and find the folder where you extracted the game.


All screenshots below are from the VGA version.


(click to enlarge)

Loom ScummVM ROM Download

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