Hexen: Beyond Heretic (DOS) BIN/CUE Download

Game Info
Game Title: Hexen: Beyond Heretic
Platform: MS-DOS
Regions: USA


Hexen: Beyond Heretic is a First Person Shooter game published by id Software released on 1995 for the MS-DOS.

This is the CDROM version of Hexen the sequel of Heretic, it has all the music in CD quality, instead of MIDI.

How to Install Hexen: Beyond Heretic (DOS):

  1. Extract the .rar file with WINRAR.
  2. Drag the .cue file to DOSBox shortcut.
  3. Enter these commands, pressing enter after each one:
    install c:
    Press enter and any key to continue.
  4. Installation done. Enter these commands:
  5. For Controller type select "keyboard + Mouse"
  6. For Music Card select "CD AUDIO", confirm the warning.
  7. For FX card select "SOUND BLASTER" port "220", IRQ "7", DMA "1"
  8. Number of Sound FX to mix, can leave default (i don't know the difference).
  9. You might want to go to "Configure Controller"  -> "Keyboard" and change movement to WASD maybe, i know i wanted to.
  10. Save parameters and launch HEXEN!

How to play Hexen: Beyond Heretic (DOS):

The next time you play you'll have to:

  1. Drag the .cue file into DOSBox.
  2. Type hexen


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Hexen: Beyond Heretic MS-DOS ROM Download

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