Destruction Derby (DOS) BIN/CUE Download

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Game Title Destruction Derby
Platform MS-DOS
Regions USA
Languages , , , ,
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Destruction Derby is a Racing game published by Psygnosis released on 1996 for MS-DOS.

It’s highly recommended you get this CDROM version, since those 7 MB rips floating around the interwebs don’t have any music.

How to play Destruction Derby (DOS):

  1. Extract the ,rar file.
  2. Drag the .cue file into DOSBox shortcut.
  3. Type dd and press enter.
  4. Enjoy!


Controls can be changed in game but we set them to:

  • Arrow keys:  Move left right, accelerate, break.
  • W-S: Change view.



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Destruction Derby MS-DOS ROM Download

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