Game BOX ROM Title Region
The Elder Scrolls: Arena USA 231
Lemmings USA 270
Blade Warrior USA 56
Quarantine II: Road Warrior USA 86
Zyclunt Korea 164
The Hobbit USA 86
SimHealth USA 58
Nitemare 3D USA 66
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game USA 122
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom USA 74
Hugo III: Jungle of Doom USA 59
Hugo II: Whodunit? USA 41
Hugo's House of Horrors USA 55
Flashback: The Quest for Identity USA 181
NASCAR Racing 2 USA 180
IndyCar Racing II USA 119
IndyCar Racing USA 116
World Circuit USA 97
Destruction Derby 2 USA 195
Destruction Derby USA 102