Game BOX ROM Title Region
Maken X USA 1,447
Napple Tale: Arsia in Daydream (English Patched) Japan 1,673
What’s Shenmue (English, Spanish, German, Portuguese) Japan 1,353
Cool Cool Toon Japan 1,098
Cosmic Smash Japan 1,367
Pier Solar and the Great Architects World 3,520
Utopia Boot CD Loader USA 2,008
Fast Striker USA 2,613
Super Puzzle Fighter II X (English Patched) Japan 2,203
Super Puzzle Fighter II X for Matching Service Japan 522
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Europe 1,961
Hellgate Europe 1,459
The House of the Dead 2 Europe 3,151
Halo Revamped World 2,449
Sakura Taisen: Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2 Japan 805
Space Channel 5: Part 2 (English Patched) Japan 2,909
Seven Mansions (English Patched) Japan 2,972
Blue Submarine No. 6: Saigetsu Fumahito- Time and Tide Japan 830
Blue Sky Blue Japan 562