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Game Title: Baldr Force EXE
Original Title:バルドフォース エグゼ
Platform:SEGA Dreamcast
Release Date:October 28th, 2004
Region:Japan (NTSC-J)
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Baldr Force EXE is a Action game published by Alchemist released on October 28th, 2004 for the SEGA Dreamcast.

Release includes 2 versions of the same game one is a 99 minute CD (named accordingly) the other regular 700 MB CD. Depends on what kind of disc you have. If you play an emulator either is fine.

A late and well regarded Japanese exclusive, Baldr Force EXE offers up an interesting mix of mech combat with visual novel style adventure elements. Originally a PC title, the EXE release adds extra content and modes, and waters down some of the more adult orientated elements of the story. The plot seems surprisingly deep, revolving around a group of hackers finding their way into military systems and fighting it out with 'simulacrum', before a twisting story drops in death, vengeance and terrorism. It spawned an Anime mini-series too. The game itself will test the patience of those not able to understand the language or at least have a good translation guide to hand, but the mech combat is entertaining and frantic – helped by good controls and some tactical play. An interesting, and often expensive, title.

Credits: Written by Mike Phelan for The Dreamcast Junkyard.


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