Game BOXROM TitleRegion
Fast StrikerUSA10
Ghost BladeUSA17
Super Puzzle Fighter II X (English Patched)Japan9
Super Puzzle Fighter II X for Matching ServiceJapan1
Legacy of Kain: Soul ReaverEurope10
The House of the Dead 2Europe104
Halo RevampedWorld113
Sakura Taisen: Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2Japan32
Resident Evil Code: Veronica XUSA2,240
Space Channel 5: Part 2 (English Patched)Japan997
Seven Mansions (English Patched)Japan1,349
Blue Submarine No. 6: Saigetsu Fumahito- Time and TideJapan370
Blue Sky BlueJapan289
Black/Matrix ADJapan362
BioHazard Code: Veronica KanzenbanJapan491
BioHazard 3: Last EscapeJapan831
BioHazard 2: Value PlusJapan734
BikkuriMan 2000 Viva! Festival!Japan149